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Adoption activist: ‘I went to federal prison for reuniting families’ My story is told in the Updated Edition of To Prison with Love -

Now, Sandy Musser is back to sound the ALARM and gather forces in support of a federal mandate to restore access to original birth certificates

By ALARM Network

July 1, 2014

Washington, DC – Well-known adoption reform activist and author, Sandy Musser, ( went to prison for her beliefs. Now, she is leading the fight for a US federal mandate to allow all adult adoptees access to their birth certificates. The vast majority of adopted persons are denied equal rights to access because of archaic state laws.

Leaders and members of state-based adoptee rights groups are gathering to support the ALARM Network petition for national relief of discriminatory state-imposed restrictions. Join the fight. Sign the petition.

Join the fight: About the Adoption ALARM Network 

The ‘Advocating Legislation for the Adoption Reform Movement (ALARM)’ Network was founded in 1987 as a division of The Musser Foundation to support and promote lobbying efforts of state-based groups involved in adoptee rights and reforms.

ALARM is a public group on Facebook, is the official gathering place and forum for state and national advocacy. Please join us.

Sign the petition:

Adult adoptees do not have access to their original birth certificates (OBCs) in 43 of our 50 US states. They are being denied a right that is granted every other American. A federal mandate will supersede discriminatory state laws, allowing adopted persons access to their own OBC.


To contact Sandy Musser directly:

e-mail: [email protected]

or snail mail:

117 SE 44 St

Cape Coral, FL 33904

or Sherri Zimmerman

[email protected]