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to impact & change the archaic adoption laws in our country.  

Our Philosophy Statement

        We believe that at the core of every human being is a God-given, innate desire to "connect" with birth family from whom we’ve become separated . We are not concerned about the reasons for the separation, but only to begin the healing which we believe comes about through the process of reconciliation.

       We believe that loss and separation from family members caused by divorce, foster care, or adoption has created severe psychological problems and weakened our family structures.

      We believe that the severing of genetic roots is not healthy and that all individuals have a right to know their siblings, the "missing" parent(s), birth grandparents, and all other genetic relatives. We also believe that parents who have "lost" their children (for any reason) have a need and right to know of the welfare of their children.

      We believe that all family relationships should be inclusive, not exclusive. Therefore we believe in the concept of extending and expanding the family circle; and believe that blending our families will strengthen them and our world as well.  

The following will provide a capsulized overview for anyone not familiar with the sealed records controversy or

understand the urgent need for adoption reform. 

Adoption records, (also affecting step-parent adoptions), have been sealed in 48 of the 50 states since the early 20's . Only seven states have open record laws as of this writing which means unrestricted access. (20 yrs after Sandy served prison time for her work of reuniting families). 9 States have semi-open records with addendums, attachments or redactions.

And about 14 states have begun to consider some type of adoption reform bill. 

What do sealed records mean and how do they affect us all? 

  • It means that when an adoption takes place, the adoptees' records are sealed "forever" causing, some believe, a form of ancestricide or genocide. By virtue of an archaic adoption law, entire family histories have been wiped out creating Ancestricide!

  • It means that an entire segment of our population, known as "the adopted" are unable to have access to copies of their original birth certificates or other legal documents concerning the very essence of their own lives.
  • It means that adoptees are being denied basic God-given rights that the rest of us enjoy - our heritage, medical history, genealogy, & the ability to find the answer to the age old question - 'Who am I?'

  • It means birthparents who surrendered their children in good faith have had to suffer years of anquish wondering what happened to the child of their womb. Most were not told nor believed they were signing away their child "forever."
  • It means that adoptive parents are denied pertinent ongoing medical, genetic, and psychological information, so necessary in parenting an adopted child.

  • It means those who "facilitate" (arrange) adoptions have been (and continue to be ) free to perform unscrupulous deeds and then hide behind the confidentiality law; i.e. obtaining surrender papers from birthparents under false pretenses; telling adoptive parents that the child they are adopting has been abandoned and unwanted; altering and falsifying (aka 'doctoring') adoption documents, and selling babies to the highest bidder. The list goes on.

  • It means that individuals involved in search work who assist in reconnecting loved ones separated by adoption, are putting themselves at risk because of the "sealed records" and "confidentiality laws" -- the same laws that PROTECT the agencies and the State from their scrupulous deeds and lucrative baby-selling business.

© 1987 - Adoption & Family Reunion Center

Adoption is a

Civil Rights Issue

n July 28 1868 the 14th Amendment* was ratified giving the Federal Government the right to intervene when state and local governments deprive citizens of their rights.

As adoption laws now stand,

the 14th Amendment of our Constitution does not apply

to adopted persons!

Since adoptees as a class are denied basic rights which every other citizen enjoys, this is clearly a Civil Rights issue and applicable under the 14th Amendment.

This crucial Amendment

has been the basis for all

Civil Rights legislation in

the last 125 years.  

*The 14th Amendment

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any persons of life, liberty or due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

Therefore We Propose:

An immediate

Executive Order enacted by the President of the United States which would allow all

ADULT ADOPTEES access to their Original Birth Certificates in one fell swoop and would supercede state laws

based upon the

Civil Rights Act

and the 14th Amendment providing equal access

under the law.


would restore medical history, heritage, culture, ancestry, all that which the rest of us

take for granted.

Genealogy answers will help to answer the "Who Am I" question and family connections can be made if desired.

Policy Statement

The "Privacy Act" was

intended to protect

individuals from government intervention into their lives.

Privacy cannot and should not be imposed when it concerns family and kin because it

is in direct conflict with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Rights of those affected

by adoption are characterized in The Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - (the Covenant of 1948 of Amnesty Int'l) amd should be honored and upheld.

Adoption practices in America are a national disgrace and should be opposed in every possible way; particularly the altering and falsification of legal documents which

allow baby-selling to continue and flourish. It's time for us to put an end to this outrageous practice of sealed, secret, closed adoptions. 

If we are truly the Pro-Family Society we claim to be,

then we can no longer

support family separation

created by the current

closed sealed adoption system.

Guardianship and Family Preservation measures

should be put into place

without further delay.

Adoption as it is currently practiced in America is no less than the selling of human beings (aka baby-trafficking) and therefore repugnant to most citizens by whatever name it is called.

It is time for America's

State and Private agencies

to get out of the lucrative

baby-selling business.

Every child has the inalienable right to know and connect with their

family of origin if they choose to do so.

 © 1987 AFRC